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Grenada has about 111,000 inhabitants and is an island state in the Caribbean, located about 200 kilometers northeast off the coast of Venezuela and south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Besides the main island of the same name, the Caribbean state also includes several islands of the Grenadines, a subarchipelago of the Lesser Antilles. The capital St. George’s is located on the slopes around a natural horseshoe-shaped harbour bay and has a colonial townscape. Because of its numerous spice plantations – especially nutmeg – the hilly main island is also called the Spice Island. Until 1974 Grenada was part of the British Kingdom. In the meantime the island state forms an independent member state within the Commonwealth of Nations. As part of this, Grenada is a monarchy under the British Crown and the British Queen Elizabeth II is therefore also the Queen of Grenada and its head of state.

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Molinere Bay – Diving at the Underwater Sculpture Park (Grenada)

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After the two dives at Boss Reef this morning, our dive trip with the AIDA would have ended. But since we originally thought when booking the trip that we would go diving this morning at the famous underwater sculpture park of Jason de Caires Taylor, the AIDA crew had a great suggestion for both of us: in the afternoon we should make a trip with snorkelers and taster divers to the underwater sculpture park and they asked us if we …

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