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One Million Places – Travel the world & Discover new places

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Travel the world & Discover new places

One Million PlacesHello and welcome to our travel blog One Million Places. We are Sandra and Michael from Germany – commuters between full-time jobs and 30 days of vacation per year. And there is a lot of wanderlust in between. And that’s why we love to travel. Since 2015 we have already visited 78 countries on all 5 continents. And we are blogging with great passion about our adventures and experiences – from beautiful islands, from capital cities, from mountain peaks, from the pure wilderness or even from the depths of the ocean. Travel is our great passion and we love to get to know and write about new countries, places and cultures. Our travel blog One Million Places was created as a diary and memory during our world trip in 2015. Since then we have puplished 670 travel reports and 27.000 pictures in our blog. We are writing about our journeys and experiences and we want to give other travelers helpful tips and inspiration for destinations, flights, hotels, tours and attractions. Our world is so beautiful and we want to explore as much as possible.

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We love to explore the world together. Whether travelling in Germany, Europe, long-distance travel around the world, city trips over the weekend, exploring paradise islands, safaris, hikes, cruises or diving adventures – travel is our passion and there is so much to discover. We try to convey this passion in our travel oreports by writing about our experiences in great detail and with many photos. We also try to give other travelers helpful tips on how to plan their holidays, because we have noticed for ourselves how difficult it is sometimes to get helpful travel information to certain holiday destinations. Whether it’s the hotel, the best flights, transfers, food, excursions or special attractions, we try to describe a destination holistically and use our tips and maps to inspire readers to plan their trips and create new destinations.

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