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Barbados is an island in the Caribbean and part of the Lesser Antilles. The island has about 280,000 inhabitants and the capital is Bridgetown, where one third of the population lives. Until 1966 Barbados was a British colony, therefore the official language is still English. The highest mountain on the island is Mount Hillaby with a height of 336 meters. Barbados is sometimes called the “Land of the Flying Fish” because you can see them very often around the island and they are also the national dish. Barbados has a mild, tropical climate. That it is not so hot is due to the constantly blowing winds. From the beginning of June until the end of November the island is in the catchment area of the Atlantic hurricanes. The most famous sights are the Animal Flower Cave, the Mount Gay Rum Refinery, the National Park Farley Hill, the Cherry Tree Hill, the windmill Morgan Lewis Mill, the gardens of Turners Hall Woods, the Harrison`s Cave and the capital Bridgetown.

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Barbados – Wreck diving in Carlisle Bay Marine Park (Barbados)

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Today we set off at the bridgetown cruise terminal in Barbados at around 6.30am. With us there were three other ships in the port: the TUI Discovery, a ship of the Costa shipping company and the Christina O., originally a ship of the rich shipping family Onassis. Our captain told us in his morning address (usually around 8 o’clock) that Christina O. is now a charter yacht and can be rented for up to 450,000 € PER WEEK. So if …

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