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Marrybare foot on the beach… who doesn’t dream of it? Since travelling is our great shared passion, it has always been clear to us that we want to celebrate our wedding away from home. Somewhere in the warmth it should be… ideally on the beach in fine weather. And what better way to do this than the dreamlike island world of the Maldives


Our engagement in Hawaii

For more than six years now we have been going through life together and exploring the world together. Since then, we have already had 60 countries on five continents on our holidays and our world tour, collecting an incredible amount of impressions and wonderful adventures – whether on dreamy islands, in cities of millions, on mountain peaks, in the pure wilderness or in the depths of the oceans.

A special moment was our engagement on our last Hawaii vacation in November 2017. Michael asked the question when we were enjoying the view of Honolulu on the edge of Diamond Head Crater – one of our favorite places in the Hawaiian islands. There couldn’t be a nicer place for it.

Preparing for our wedding

When we talked to ROBINSON about a cooperation and a stay in the Maldives, the topic of beach weddingcame to mind. It was just perfect. And a few days later it was clear that robinson Club Maldives would be the place of our wedding ceremony. How exciting! From the planning to the wedding, however, we only had 3 weeks. Now all the hustle and bustle started with wedding dress, wedding rings & co. In the end, however, we managed to get everything in time for departure and were able to fly to the Maldives in a calm 🙂

Things to know about getting married in the Maldives

When you get married abroad, the first question is, of course, whether marriage is even recognised in Germany (or in your own home country). In many countries this is not the case (Seychelles, Mauritius, USA, etc.), in the Maldives. In the Maldives, one can only marry symbolically in the context of a ceremony, but unfortunately the marriage is not recognized in Germany. Legal marriages in the Maldives are only possible for Muslims, as here only under Islamic Sharia law is married. Only if one belongs to the Muslim faith, the marriage would be valid. For us, this meant that we in Germany had to go to the registry office again in order to make everything legally valid.

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Getting married in the Maldives

Our beach wedding “Romantic Style Wedding”

On site, our Romantic Style Wedding package already included everything you need for a perfect all-round carefree program:

– Ceremony on the beach and palm decoration
– Bridal make-up and hair styling at the spa
– 1 bottle of champagne and canapées
– 4-course menu in the restaurant “Das Edel”
– Him & Her partner massage
– Small present

On the first day after our arrival at the club, we discussed the exact course of the ceremony with the Guest Relation Manager and had a precise schedule in our room the day before the big day. Now nothing could go wrong.

But now in turn, how everything happened on our special day 🙂

Bridal make-up and hair styling at the spa

About two hours before the actual wedding, Sandra was picked up at our villa with a ROBINSON Club Car (things are so cool!) and driven to the Duniye Spa. What a service. A member of staff was already waiting and brought a welcome drink. After that it could go straight and she put hand on face & hair. The styling was finalized with fresh flowers in the hair.

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The bridal styling in the spa

In between it had unfortunately for minutes like poured out of buckets. Disaster! An hour before the scheduled wedding ceremony. But luckily it stopped quickly and the sun showed up again. After Michael had arrived at the spa in the meantime, Sandra quickly slipped into her wedding dress so that the first photos could be taken. Right next to the spa there is a very nice garden, which is suitable for a few first photos.

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The photo shoot before the wedding

The ROBINSON Club Car was back in the starting blocks shortly afterwards and took us to the beach.

The ceremony on the beach

So slowly the nervousness in us rose. The moment of the wedding ceremony was getting closer and closer. The Club Car had dropped us off at the Sundowner Bar, where we had to walk past to get to the beach section where the palm decoration was built. At the bar some other guests had already gathered to wait for the sunset, but luckily there were not quite as many 😉 Unfortunately it had become quite stormy after the rain, but at least the sun was out again. From the bar just above, we walked down to the beach under music accompaniment, where six ROBINSON employees were already waiting for us.

And then it could start. The Deputy General Manager greeted us and read us a really beautiful story called “Where Heaven Kisses the Earth”:

“An old legend tells us that there were two people who lived very happily together. They were happy with what they had and shared with each other. Their love grew through the years of their coexistence. Nothing and no one could destroy this love.

One day they read in an old book that somewhere, far away, perhaps at the end of the world, there was a place where immeasurable happiness reigned. This should be a place, said the old book, where heaven kisses the earth. The two decided to look for this place. The road was long and full of deprivation. Soon they didn’t know how long they had been on the road; but they did not want to give up.

Almost at the end of their power, they reached a door as described in the book. Behind this door it should be: the great happiness, the goal of their hope and search. What a tension there was in them – what will it look like, the place where heaven kisses the earth, the place where such happiness reigns. They knocked. The door opened. They grabbed each other’s hand and stepped in. Then they stood – again in the middle of their apartment. By the end of this long journey, they had returned to their home. And they understood:

The place where heaven kisses the earth is the place where people kiss.
The place where heaven touches the earth is the place where people touch each other.
The place where the sky opens is the place where people open themselves to each other.
The place of great happiness is the place where people make themselves happy.”

We have to admit that at some point we simply couldn’t listen because we realized and processed the situation – both of us, on the beach, in the Maldives, just getting married. Somehow crazy. On the most important question of all questions, however, we were back to full order and, according to our common YES word, totally happy 🙂

Of course, a glass of champagne to toast was not to be missed. And we also signed a certificate of the wedding ceremony as a reminder. After thinking a lot about how everything will go, what is said, whether everything is going smoothly etc., you are a bit relieved when everything has gone well 🙂

The Wedding Photo Shoot

We were accompanied during the wedding ceremony, but also before and after, by two island photographers from the Sky & Sand Maldives photo studio, who put a lot of effort into putting us in a good show – be it in the garden, on the beach, on the jetty or in the water.

A romantic 4-course candlelight dinner in the restaurant “Das Edel”

The last photos we had taken with the sunset around 7.15 pm. Our 4-course menu in the specialty restaurant “Das Edel” was planned for 8 p.m. So we had some time to breathe and move again. Around eight o’clock we walked relaxed to the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner with sea view.

For us there was the following menu… make sure that the water does not run out in your mouth 😉

– Vietnamese spring roll with duck with a curry shot and scallop carpaccio
– Yellow pepper soup
– Tiger prawns on the skewer, shell rockefeller, pork medallions, lamb chops with vegetable side dishes
– White chocolate with coconut ice cream, mixed berries and honey sauce

A “Him & Her” partner massage

Another part of the wedding package was a partner massage. With the spa area, we had arranged an appointment for our last day of vacation – almost as a crowning conclusion. Two employees of the Duniye Spa welcomed us very warmly and accompanied us to the treatment room (or rather a villa). Here, a 75-minute Balinese massage awaited both of us, a gentle and soothing massage with acupressure methods and relaxing caresses.

We thank ROBINSON Club Maldives for this unique experience!
The wedding ceremony on the beach was very nicely organized and prepared and will be remembered forever.

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Just Married

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The ROBINSON Club Maldives is located in the Gaaf-Alif-Atoll in the southern part of the Maldives about 60 km north of the equator. The 107,000 sqm club grounds can only be reached by domestic flight from Male and by speedboat. Once you have made this long journey, a lonely island called Funamadua is waiting for you - just 450 by 240 meters, located in the middle of paradise and surrounded by turquoise blue water and a white sandy beach.
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