Robinson Club Maldives – Relaxing on the island of Funamadua (Maldives)

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The entertainment of the guests is an important point in the concept of Robinson Clubs. When you think of the Maldives, you might not necessarily think of entertainment and animation first, but of relaxation and relaxationfirst. Robinson Club Maldives is therefore more of a relaxing and relaxing entertainment programme.


The beach of Funamadua Island

ROBINSON Club Maldives is located in the middle of paradise on a deserted island called Funamadua. The entire island is only 450 by 240 meters in size and is surrounded by turquoise blue water and a small white sandy beach. Here you can either make yourself comfortable on your own couch in front of your beach bungalow or just lie down on a towel in the fine sand.

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The beach

Robinson Club Maldives’ pool

As an alternative to the beach, you can also relax by the pool, which is directly connected to a pool bar. Also not the worst idea on hot days 😉

The sports and activities programme

If you don’t want to give up your fitness program even on holiday, the ROBINSON Club in the Maldives has a lot to offer to get the annoying calories out. In the morning we start with a jogging meeting. One might think that there are not so many who gather in paradise in the morning to do sports, even in temperatures of up to 30 degrees. Wrongly thought: We very often encountered a group of eight to ten joggers in the morning, who happily walked up and down the footbridges and paths. Where they had their motivation is actually a mystery to us ;-))))

Throughout the day there are different activities:from cross golf, slacklines and yoga to beach volleyball to badminton and beach soccer. The fun is definitely not to be neglected here. Those who prefer to exercise alone can do so in the generously equipped gym followed by relaxation in the sauna (who please go to the saunaat an outside temperature of more than 30 degrees ?! We don’t know).

Massages & Relaxation at Duniye Spa

There is also a private spa on the island. The Duniye Spa offers a wide range of treatments, from full body massages to baths and make-up to facials. Here you can be pampered (we did too, but we will come later ;-)). By the way, every guest will receive a voucher for a free welcome massage for 15 minutes upon arrival. This should not be missed.

Sunset on the beach

The sunsets in the Maldives are incredibly beautiful! Every evening from 6.45 p.m., most island guests are drawn to the Sundowner Bar, where you can watch the sun kiss the ocean with chilly DJ music and refreshing cocktails. We’ve really seen some breathtaking sunsets here – fantastic! The beauty is that you take the time to sit down and watch the sunset. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in everyday life because of other obligations.

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A beautiful sunset

The Sundowner Bar by the way, is located at Palm no. 2… sounds weird, but is so. All palm trees here are really numbered. Who would have thought that. There are more than 600 here on the island. There is even a plan for when which palm must be cut and when the coconuts must be brought down for safety reasons. That is what Maldivian law wants. Crazy world.

Sunset, Sundowner, Sunset, All Inclusive, ROBINSON Club Maldives, Maldives, Gaaf Alif Atoll, Travel Report

Sundowner at ROBINSON Club Maldives

Other facilities at ROBINSON Club Maldives

If you just want to bury yourself all day on a sun lounger or a daybed and want to read a book in a relaxed way, you can use the large bookshelf,which is located next to the main bar. The selection of German novels is very large. The principle is simple: if you would like to read something, you can simply borrow it here. If you have read a book and no longer need it, donate it to the bookshelf. Nice idea, which you already know from other resorts. Also near the main bar is the ROBINSON Minimarket, for all those who have sudden cravings for gummy bears (Haribos!) or chocolate or have simply forgotten the toothbrush. In the ROBINSON boutique opposite you will find souvenirs, postcards and clothes.

The photo studio ‘Sky & Sand Maldives’ is also an important point of contact in the club complex, as every guest receives a voucher for an individual postcard upon arrival. This means that you get a 15-minute photo shoot as a gift and you can get a free postcard from the best photos. It is clear, of course, that the photo studio hopes to sell more pictures, but we think that this is still a nice idea. And in fact, we have always seen many couples on the beach who have been photographed by the island photographer.

Who would have thought it: There is even an island doctorhere. This is like in the Rosamunde-Pilcher-film 😉 But if you think again that there are more than 300 employees working here, who can also get injured or may be in pain, the whole thing is no longer so absurd. And unfortunately we also had to make use of his consultation hour … but we’ll come to that later.

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Good mood in paradise

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The ROBINSON Club Maldives is located in the Gaaf-Alif-Atoll in the southern part of the Maldives about 60 km north of the equator. The 107,000 sqm club grounds can only be reached by domestic flight from Male and by speedboat. Once you have made this long journey, a lonely island called Funamadua is waiting for you - just 450 by 240 meters, located in the middle of paradise and surrounded by turquoise blue water and a white sandy beach.
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