Robinson Club Maldives – The All Inclusive Offer (Maldives)

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Robinson Club Maledives is known for its extensive range of sports, wellness and fitness, entertainment and excellent cuisine. We were able to convince ourselves of this during our holiday.


The culinary offer at ROBINSON Club Maldives

In an all-inclusive holiday, the culinary offer is one of the most important points – and this is what ROBINSON Club Maldives really not too short. The kitchen is just fantastic! We were always amazed at what the team has conjured up: from Bavarian pork shax, freshly prepared sushi, to Indian curry to Spanish paella, there’s really everything here. Sometimes it’s really hard to choose something. Especially the attention to detail,with which the food and especially the sweet desserts were prepared and decorated, really deserves special praise. And there is really nothing missing: at lunchtime and in the evening you have a large selection of salads that you can put together yourself, there are several different main dishes with fish and meat, delicious desserts like cakes or ice cream and also the breakfast offers everything you can imagine.

There are three different meal times every day: breakfast (8am to 11am), lunch (1pm to 2.30pm) and dinner (8pm to 9.30pm). At first we were a little surprised why there is no coffee & cake in the afternoon. However, we quickly realised that this would be totally unnecessary. If you eat late at noon, a short time later nothing would fit in anyway 😉

Dinner is usually under a special motto, such as Maldivian cuisine, Spanish specialities or Arabic delicacies. The buffet always consists of many live cooking stations,i.e. everything is very fresh and ready to be fried and prepared before the eyes of the guest. Not only a feast for the palate, but definitely also for the eyes. Most of the time we went out of the restaurant far too full and planned for the next day not to eat as much anymore. It didn’t really work out … for that it was just too tasty 😉

By the way, we received a cookbook to say goodbye, in which employees of the Maldives Club present their favorite recipes. A really nice idea to be able to cook some of the fantastic dishes at home. In addition to the buffet restaurant, there is also a specialty restaurant, which is right next to it: The Edel. If you want a special dinner in the evening, e.g. on the beach, you can reserve a table here and enjoy a 4-course menu at an extra cost.

By the way, the drinks are also (almost) all included in the price – whether in the restaurant or at the three bars (main bar, pool bar, sundowner bar). Only in the room, apart from two bottles of water per day, no drinks are available. However, you can have the minibar stocked for a fee (but that’s really a bit expensive) or you can get the drinks at the bars.

The island’s own Chef’s Garden

With all the amount of very good food, one wonders, of course, how can all this come to such a small island in the ocean? As was almost no different from the tropical climate, a large part of the food is imported to the Maldives – with the exception of the fish, which is delivered daily freshly caught from the neighbouring island. With the meat and the sausage, the situation is a little different: the majority of them come from Germany and the USA. The items must be ordered three months in advance and are then shipped by container to the island. Madness, what a logistics lies behind it, about which one often hardly cares as a guest. Some of the vegetables we need grow in the island’s Own Chef’s Garden, which we took a closer look at. In addition to pumpkin, eggplant and chillies, there are also various salads that grow with the help of a hydroponics system. The rest of the fruit and vegetables are ordered six days in advance so that everything is on time on the island.

Interesting facts about drinking water

What we found very interesting was the fact that the ROBINSON Club Maldives produces its own drinking water, because after all, about 7,500 litres of drinking water are needed or consumed here every week. Until 2013, a supply ship came to the island every 10 days, which was filled exclusively with plastic bottles. In order to avoid all the plastic waste, a separate water bottling plant was later set up, with which the water can be filtered and mixed with minerals. Depending on your needs, 300 bottles of water can be filled per hour. That’s pretty impressive. If you want to get behind the scenes of the gastronomy area, you can join a kitchen tour, which is offered once a week. If we hadn’t been diving at the time, we would definitely have looked at it.

The daily program of ROBINSON Club Maldives

Every evening, a daily program is placed on the room, where you can get a look at the most important times and activities for the next day – a bit like on river or cruise ships 🙂 Here you can see an example …

Daily program, ROBINSON Club Maldives

The daily program of ROBINSON Club Maldives

The bar & the evening program

For the evening program, the club thinks about something different every day. As a rule, the evenings are under a certain motto (Feel Good Night, Jungle Party, Black Box Party, ROBcarpet Evening). Meeting point is the main bar, where the island DJ performs appropriate music. There was also live music or a movie evening. So the program is really varied. We found the ‘Fun Game Night’ particularly cool, where a small casino was conjured up from the bar. Each guest received tokens that they could rip off at Roulette, Black Jack and Texas Hold’em. After an hour, the box office was crashed and the three guests with the most chips got a small price. It was a lot of fun (especially when it’s not about real money).

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Cocktails from the bar

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The ROBINSON Club Maldives is located in the Gaaf-Alif-Atoll in the southern part of the Maldives about 60 km north of the equator. The 107,000 sqm club grounds can only be reached by domestic flight from Male and by speedboat. Once you have made this long journey, a lonely island called Funamadua is waiting for you - just 450 by 240 meters, located in the middle of paradise and surrounded by turquoise blue water and a white sandy beach.
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