Marsa Alam – Diving in Marsa Shouna & Umm El Ros (Egypt)

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For today we had booked a full day trip to the spots Marsa Shouna and Umm El Ros via the diving center Coraya Divers. The information about the two dive sites that hung out at the diving school on the information board sounded promising, which is why we decided on this tour.


The dive site Marsa Shouna

At 8.15 a.m. all snorkelers and divers met for the excursion at the diving center. After a short briefing we were able to grab our diving equipment and load it onto the pick-up. The bus journey took only a few minutes, because our destination was the small, man-made town of Port Ghalib. At the harbour our excursion boat was already waiting for us and the 20 other guests. In total, we were only five divers, the rest were snorkelers – perfect conditions.

The first port of call was the marsa Shouna dive site, which can be reached within 45 minutes by boat south of Port Ghalib. Marsa Shouna is a medium-sized, about 360 m wide and well protected bay with a seagrass meadow in the middle. After the anchor was thrown, the divers and snorkelers were each called separately to a briefing. We were told exactly where we would dive along and what animals we might see. After that we finished our equipment, put on our diving suits and off we went into the water.

The dive was very relaxed… Except for some blue-point stingrays, firefish and firefish, however, there was nothing much to see.

Snorkeling with a Dugong

After about 50 minutes we went back to the ship, where the crew had prepared lunch in the meantime. While we relaxed a bit on the deck and soaked up, the boat went to our second dive site Umm El Ros. Umm El Ros is a large bay with seagrass meadow, which has been declared a nature reserve (diving map). We were particularly excited about the dive site, because here are supposed to be dugongs – giant-tailed sea cows – at home.

It didn’t take long for the first crew member to shout that everyone should take their snorkeling gear and jump on the dinghy quickly, because a dugong was spotted. Coooool! The Zodiac then drove away from the boat at an enormous speed and looked for the Dugong, where it reappeared. And behold, a few meters away from the boat, one suddenly saw the back.

Everyone was excited and happy and couldn’t wait to jump into the water. “Jump, jump “jump” was our sign – so nothing like pure water. And there it was in front of us: a huge, happy-looking dugong. Madness.

The dive site Umm El Ros

We have already swum twice in Florida with manatees in the wild, but here in Egypt we haven’t had them before. What a stroke of luck. After we were in the water for quite a while, we went back to the boat, because finally we wanted to do a dive. For over an hour we explored the underwater world and saw a turtle, blue-spotted stingrays, firefish, clownfish and scorpion fish.

The video of our dives

Throughout the day, the snorkelers and divers were accompanied by a photo and videographer, who at the end of the boat showed the final, already cut video. This was once again a nice opportunity to revisit the great experiences of today. Shortly before nightfall we were back in the hotel.

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