Java – The steaming crater of Mount Bromo (Indonesia)

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After the magnificent sunrise over Mount Bromo this morning, the ascent to the crater of Mount Bromo was still on.


With horses to Mount Bromo

With the Jeep we drove first from our viewpoint at the King Kong Hills back into the valley. The valley at Mount Bromo consists of a large sea of sand. In the middle of it we had reached a base camp after a short time, in which the jeeps are parked.

From here you can either walk or horse to Mount Bromo. We had included riding on the horses in our booked tour and so we rode with our horses “Tomo” and “Edhie” at a slow pace to the foot of the crater 🙂

The crater ascent of Mount Bromo

Once at the top there was a steep ascent to the crater rim.

Hiking along the crater rim

Arriving at the top, the view was simply fantastic! On one side the deep view into the interior of the crater and on the other side the slowly disappearing fog cover and the view of Mount Batok. The constantly smouldering map of Mount Bromo was really impressive. The map rim is only slightly secured at the beginning. If you walk the crater rim a little further, you should really see where you are stepping.

Panoramic view, Mount Bromo, Crater, Java Island, Indonesia, Tour, Travelreport

Panoramic view of the crater of Mount Bromo

Video of the steaming crater

Here is a short video of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and the view back into the valley.

The way back to the valley

Afterwards we went with the horses back to the jeep and from there to the hotel, where we had breakfast.

Our hotel in Ketapang

After packing our belongings, we started at about 10 o’clock in the direction of Ketapang, where we arrived at 3 p.m. at our hotel Ketapang Indah.

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Our room at Hotel Ketapang Indah

Since our program starts tomorrow at 1 o’clock at night, we only ate something and after this long day we were already in bed at 7 p.m.