Ocean Encounters Curacao – Diving with Dolphins (Curacao)

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After our visit to the flamingos in Sint Willibrordus and the colourful cottages of the commercial cade in Willemstad in the morning we should be at 1 p.m. at the diving center Ocean Encounters east of Curacao.


The Ocean Encounters Curacao Diving Centre

Ocean Encounters Curacao Diving Centre is located right next to Lion Dive & Beach Resort, about a 15-minute drive from Willemstad. Here we had something very special in front: diving with dolphins. We were looking forward to it 🙂

The Dolphin Academy Curacao

After we had registered at the diving school and got our diving equipment, we went with two other guests and a diving instructor to the Dolphin Academy, which is located in the Curacao Sea Aquarium. Here a dolphin trainer informed us about the dolphins living here and prepared us for the dive.

Diving with dolphins

And a short time later we were already standing in front of the pool, where we were to get to know the dolphin “Pasku” 🙂 In the lagoon, which is connected to the sea and is thus washed with salt water, we looked for a sandy bottom place and then waited for it. It didn’t take long for Pasku to respond to his coach’s commands and come to us. Unfortunately, he was a bit distracted by the dolphin females in the side pool, so that he swam away again and again. For this reason we simply went to another pool, where 8 dolphins were housed. Two of the dolphins were with us all the time. Overall we were under water for a good half an hour and it was incredibly nice to experience and look at the dolphins so close.

We took a lot of photos and videos and were even allowed to touch them and let us give kisses. A truly unique and great experience! Since we were both so calm under water, the dolphin trainer asked us if she could try something with us and an untrained dolphin. We didn’t think long about it 😉 So we were under water a little longer and did the exercises with her with the dolphin, who mastered it quite well. Wow!

Our video of diving with dolphins

Here is our video of diving with dolphins in Curacao 🙂

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