Travel Reports » South America

South America has a population of 418 million people and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. On the west coast, the Andes are the longest mountain range in the world with a length of 7,500 kilometres from Venezuela to Patagonia. The highest mountain in South America is the Aconcagua at 6,961 metres. The longest river in South America is the Amazon, at about 6,448 kilometers, which is also the most water-rich river on earth. Hardly any other continent offers such diverse landscapes: from lush rainforests, to high volcanoes, cloud-covered cloud forests, red-hot canyons, ice-blue glaciers and white dream beaches. The largest cities in South America are São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Brasília, Medellín and Caracas.