Burj Khalifa – The most beautiful Instagram photo spots

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If you are in Dubai, there is a building that you simply cannot miss: the 828 meter high and really beautiful Burj Khalifa. But where is the best place to photograph the huge building? We explored the most beautiful photo spots and the most famous Instagram motifs around the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai.

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The most beautiful photo spots for the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is located in the center of the city area “Downtown Dubai” and can be seen from almost every other point of the city. By its incredible height alone, it towers over all other high-rise buildings many times over. Nevertheless, it was almost impossible for us to photograph the Burj Khalifa from a distance. The problem is the partly poor visibility in Dubai. In our time it was always very good (especially in the morning), which is probably due to the dry desert dust. So there was always a kind of haze veil over the city and so we could never get a good picture of the Burj Khalifa from afar.

❖ That´s amazing:

The situation is quite different if you want to photograph the Burj Khalifa up close. We had really perfect conditions here. Basically, it has to be said that it is not so easy to photograph a building with a height of more than 800 meters in landscape format from close up. In any case, a corresponding wide-angle lens is recommended 😉

But what are the best spots to photograph the Burj Khalifa? And what are beautiful photo motifs around the world record skyscraper? Here is a selection of our top photo spots.

Photo Spot, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The 828-metre-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The view from the Palace Hotel

One of the most beautiful photo spots on the Burj Khalifa is from our point of view from the entrance of the Palace Hotel. Here there is a large pool, which is lined with a long jetty and 2 rows of palm trees. We always thought that this spot is exclusively accessible to hotel guests. But access is completely public and free. This is where a visit in the morning is recommended. On the one hand you have the sun behind you for a perfect photo and on the other hand there is not too much going on.

❖ Palace Hotel

View of the Burj Khalifa from the Palace Hotel

The Wings of Mexico Statue

Another well-known photo spot is the “Wings of Mexico” by the Mexican artist Jorge Marin. Also here we were in the early morning and had the angel wings all the time completely for us alone. On the observation deck “At the Top” you can also find the famous angel wings of the artist Colette Miller. We have already seen them in Los Angeles .B.

The Wings of Mexico

The Dubai Steel Heart

Right on the Dubai Mall at Burj Khalifa Lake is the “Dubai Steel Heart” by sculptor Richard Hudson. The artist’s three-dimensional “Love me” heart sculpture is made of mirrored steel and has a height of five meters. In total, the sculpture weighs an incredible 7,000 kg. Here, too, a visit in the morning is recommended, as it can get extremely crowded on the outside of the Dubai Mall just in the evening hours – when the Dubai Fountains start.

The Dubai Steel Heart

The Dandelion Lights Sculpture at the Burj Park

A truly extraordinary photo spot are the Dandelions in Burj Park. This spectacular installation is the largest of its kind to date, which is very fitting given its location – next to the tallest building in the world. The sculpture “Dandelions” aims to capture the delicate nature of flowers by using a heavy material – namely metal. In the evening, by the way, the pustules are illuminated in different colors, which looks really great.

Pust blumen in Burj Park

The view from Souk Al Bahar

Also from the outdoor area of souk Al Bahar you can take beautiful pictures of Burj Khalifa. To do this, you can simply walk along Burj Khalifa Lake. The souk, the “market of seafarers”, combines the classic with the contemporary and offers its visitors the modern variant of a traditional Middle Eastern market. Souk Al Bahar is home to over 200 shops and over 20 different restaurants and cafés.

View of the Burj Khalifa from Souk Al Bahar

The view from the Broadwalk at Burj Khalifa Lake

Of course, you can also make the Burj Khalifa directly from the Broadwalk on the big lake. You actually have a magnificent view of the skyscraper from everywhere. Especially in the evening, the Burj Khalifa is illuminated in different colours, sometimes there is even its own light show.

The illuminated Burj Khalifa at night

The view of the Souk Al Bahar Bridge

One of the most popular spots is certainly the small bridge over Burj Khalifa Lake. Especially in the evening to the Dubai Fountains this viewpoint is very popular, because on the one hand you can see the fountains very well and on the other hand you have the Burj Khalifa behind it as a motif. But also during the day you can take very nice photos from there.

View of the Souk Al Bahar Bridge

The view from Hotel The Adress Downtown

One of the most beautiful views of the Burj Khalifa is certainly from the luxury hotel The Adress Downtown. The advantage here is that you can see the whole area, including the Dubai Mall, Burj Park and also the huge Burj Khalifa Lake with the Dubai Fountains. Unfortunately, as far as we know, there is no public viewing platform here. For this view you have to book a room with a corresponding view, which costs about 500€ upwards per night.

❖ Hotel The Adress Downtown
Burj Khalifa, Photo Spot, The Address Hotel Dubai

The view of the Burj Khalifa from The Address Downtown

A map with all photo spots for the Burj Khalifa

On the following Google My Maps map we have drawn all the photo spots for the Burj Khalifa described above.

Burj Khalifa Photo spots Map Dubai

A map with all attractions in Dubai

On Google MyMaps we have marked all important sights and attractions in Dubai.
Dubai, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Karte, Attraktionen

A map with all attractions in Dubai

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