Phuket – The Monkey Temple Wat Suwan Kuha (Thailand)

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After our tour to the James Bond Rock we visited the monkey temple Wat Suwan Kuha.


The location of the Monkey Temple

The temple is located about thirteen kilometers from Phang Nga and has several smaller and larger caves.

The Monkey Temple Wat Suwan Kuha

Because of the many monkeys, the temple complex of Wat Suwan Kuha is also called “Monkey Temple”. Right at the entrance you have the opportunity to buy food for the numerous macaque monkeys. Once you have the food in your hand, it doesn’t take long for you to have monkeys around you everywhere. Since the monkeys can also become quite aggressive when it comes to food, cameras or other valuable items should definitely be well captured! Even those who have not stored the food well, it is quickly gone. But if you take this into account, you can have a lot of fun with the monkeys and take great pictures 🙂