Tavewa Island – Our stay at the Coralview Island Resort (Fiji)

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The most attractive destinations for tourists are the small resort islands on the Mamanucas, the Yasawas or the beaches of the Coral Coast on the main island of Viti Levu. For our first 4 nights we chose the Coralview Island Resort on the island of Tavewa in the very north of the Yasawa Islands.


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Arrival on the island of Tavewa

After 5 hours drive with the Yasawa flyer we had reached our destination – the island of Tavewa. We were picked up together with 3 other people by a small tender boat and then we went over the flat lagoon to the resort, where we were already singing and received with a loud “Bula”.

The Coralview Island Resort

After a short welcome we will immediately move into our own small bungalow. This has a private bathroom and costs 20-30 € per night. If you stay in a mixed dormitory, of course, it’s even cheaper. But what comes back on Top is the mandatory “Meal Plan”, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort. It will cost around 35-45 € per person. Our bungalow we liked, around was a small garden with banana trees. The floor tiles in the bungalow were partially broken. There were two beds – a slightly larger one, which is actually too small for two people and a smaller one (a kind of platform with a thin mattress). Unfortunately, there is no climate change, so you sweat through the nights. The windows are not lockable, consist only of several individual glass slats, which can be tilted. All in all, the bungalow looks very habitual – for the price you probably can not expect any more.

Breakfast is a little simple. There is toast with butter and jam, cornflakes, egg and juice. Lunch is around 12 o’clock. Here you can choose between wraps, pizza, pasta, burgers and sandwiches every day. You have to decide at breakfast what you want to eat at lunchtime. Dinner is around 7 p.m. Here you can choose between a meat dish, fish, pasta and something vegetarian – you have to decide at lunch what you want to eat in the evening. We mostly chose fish, because this portion was really huge & very tasty.

Many accommodations on the different islands are quite cheap. You can get your own bungalow here for 20-30 € per night. If you stay in a mixed dormitory, of course, it’s even cheaper. But what comes back on Top is the mandatory “Meal Plan”, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort. It will cost around 35-45 € per person.

Fiji is more than 16,000 kilometres from Germany, really close to the date line at the other end of the world. But anyone who thinks that this is why you do not meet Germans here is mistaken. Germans are really everywhere (also here). It is truly unbelievable, even on a lonely South Sea island with only 10 guests we get to know two German students from Heidelberg. Also on the ship we noticed how many people talked on German. No matter where we’ve been in the world – in the deep Amazon, Machu Picchu, Bolivia or the Galapagos Islands – you’re talking German 🙂 To see the island, the lagoon and the resort from above, we climbed a small mountain. From here you can see the many corals and the different shades of blue of the water.

The house reef at Coralview Resort

To get to the house reef, you have to swim left in the lagoon through the narrow path, which is also used for the boats. Directly behind it you have a colorful coral world in front of you. The water here has a very pleasantly warm temperature – we compared it to bathtub water. We really liked the house reef. The colours of the corals are very intense and different – from blue, yellow green, turquoise to red, everything is included. We snorkeled along the reef for about 1.5 hours, although the underwater life there was rather limited to smaller fish. You will find mainly Nemo’s, parrotfish, pusher fish and even small squid.

Snorkeling trip to Blue Lagoon

In the afternoon we started with three other guests for a snorkeling trip. The announcement said “Blue Lagoon Snorkeling & Fish Feeding” and our expectations were relatively high. After a quarter of an hour we arrived at Blue Lagoon Island. In front of us lay a white beach with turquoise blue water, as almost every Fiji island has. An Englishwoman who was on our boat immediately thought that she had imagined a lagoon a little differently. The excursion turned out to be a normal snorkeling – and unfortunately also on a relatively broken reef with many dead corals. We have seen some interesting fish and corals anyway. On the way back we also had the opportunity to feed fish with bread. As soon as they had thrown a little bit into the water, they went on it like wild and tried to grab it.

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The island state of Fiji lies in the middle of the Pacific and consists of a total of 330 individual islands. To explore at least some different islands, we had planned a total of 12 days. After our arrival in Nadi we first spent some great days on the Yasawa Islands and Beachcomber Island before we went to the main islands Viti Levu on the Coral Coast for a few more days.

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