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French Polynesia is a French overseas territory in the southern Pacific (South Seas), halfway between Australia and South America. The overseas territory consists of a collection of 118 islands, atolls and archipelagos (Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, Marquesas Islands, Austral Islands, Gambier Islands). The most famous islands are Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora and the largest cities are Papeete, Mataura, Rikitea and Uturoa.

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Bora Bora – The Hotel Sofitel Private Island (French Polynesia)

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We didn’t find a good and affordable hotel on Bora Bora that easy. Private accommodation and offers (such as via AirBnB) were not so many at that time. In addition, we wanted to treat Bora Bora something nice – and so we booked 5 nights at Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island in an Island Luxury Lodge and were lucky that we were able to move into our bungalow right away.

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