Bora Bora – Diving in the South Sea Paradise (French Polynesia)

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For Bora Bora we had decided (as well as for our stay in Moorea) for four dives with Topdive.


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The diving school Topdive in Bora Bora

The 4 dives we took from the contingent of the Inter-Island Gold Pass, which we had bought for diving in Moorea. In the morning at 8 o’clock we were picked up on time by a driver of the diving school at Sofitel Marara Beach. We collected a few more guests and then went to the diving school, which is located at the marina of Vaitape (the main town of Bora Bora).

Our dives on Bora Bora were divided as follows: Anau (7) and Haapiti (3) and Tapu (1) and Toopua (5)

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The diving spots on Bora Bora

The diving spots Anau & Haapiti

After we searched for our equipment together, we started. On the first day we were two groups with 5 divers and one diving instructor each. The first diving spot was called “Anau”.

Anau: You will follow a slope where rose corals grow, they are usually inhabited by various coral fauna. One may very likely meet manta rays there due to the fact that a lot of cleaner fish are waiting for them.Ocean dive /5mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 20 feet — Maximum depth : 82 feet

According to the announcement of the instructors, we should be able to see mantas here – unfortunately, not a single one has been able to look. In addition, the visibility was very poor. We could still see a loggerhead turtle as well as some reef fish and moray eels. During the second dive in “Haapiti” we saw some blacktip reef sharks as well as firefish.

Haapiti: From a gently sloping drop-off, shallow craters retain more varied fauna. Near the narrow reef canyons, a magnificent spectacle unfolds. Blacktip and lemon sharks galore, as well as amazing marine flora.Ocean dive /25mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 30 feet — Maximum depth : 100 feet

The diving spots Tapu & Toopua

On the second day we were eight divers and three diving instructors, so we dived in a small group. At the first diving spot “Tapu” we saw lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks and moray eels.

Tapu: Exiting the pass, one of the most famous sites of Bora Bora. From the coral drop-off, you will meet lemon sharks, black tip sharks, humphead maori wrasses, moray eels, turtles.Ocean dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 30 feet — Maximum depth : 130 feet

For the second dive we went back to the lagoon to the dive site “Toopua”. Under water we could see dotted eagle rays as well as moray eels on a sandbank.

Toopua: Many tropical fish gather along the wall, among others, anemones with their clown fish. At the bottom, you find a large sand bank where eagle rays and sting rays wander searching for food. Anchor or drift dive depending on weather conditions.Lagoon dive /25mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 16 feet — Maximum depth : 100 feet

Unfortunately we were a little disappointed by the relatively colourless underwater world in Bora Bora. The island is so beautifully situated, glows in so many different colors and looks simply magnificent from above. And of course we thought, this sight continues under water.

A video of our 4 dives on Bora Bora

Here is a video of our 4 dives with Topdive on Bora Bora:

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