Tahiti – Diving with lemon sharks in the White Valley (French Polynesia)

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The last two dives of our 10-Dive Inter-Island Gold Pass from the diving school Topdive we had picked up for Tahiti.


The diving school Topdive in Tahiti

Topdive’s diving centre is located in the Intercontinental Resort , which was only a 5 minute drive from our apartment. At the diving school Topdive you can buy a 10-star diving card at a discounted price and redeem it in the 13 Topdive centers on 6 different islands. Since Topdive is represented with diving schools on Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, this was perfect for us.

The dive spots on the northwest coast of Tahiti

The following diving spots go to the diving school Topdive on the northwest coast of Tahiti.

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The diving spot on Tahiti

Diving with sharks in the White Valley

The first dive was at 10.30am and we were only three divers. Our diving instructor Frank provided us with our equipment and then we went to our first dive stop: the White Valley.

An exceptionally beautiful dive for its marine fauna. Blacktip sharks, Lemon sharks and Grey sharks. Schools of silver jackfish, triggerfish and a myriad fish species. Recommended for a drift dive.Ocean dive /20mn boat ride — Mooring depth : 50 feet — Maximum depth : 200 feet

Sounds like many other dives. But after Frank told us that we would dive in a place where sharks and other fish are attracted with a box full of large tuna heads, we were already very excited.

The trip to the dive spot lasted only 15 minutes and then we started. And not too much was promised: this dive was the madness and definitely doubled the shark diving on Moorea. Already at the beginning we saw large groups of fish and a few sharks around us. The box with the tuna heads were roped to the seabed before our dive and we then slowly approached this place with the current. And the closer we got, the more it was teeming with small and large fish, grey sharks and blacktip reef sharks. Since the current was strong, we sat behind stones, held ourselves and watched the action.

When our diving instructor Frank opened the box and pulled out a large tuna head, the first big lemon sharks also swollen – a total of five pieces, just one to two meters away from us. Although the sharks were up to 3 meters long, we were not afraid at all. On the contrary, the sharks were not interested in us at all and were rather shy. Of course, we have also seen many other fish, such as pusher fish, trevallys, barracudas etc. It looked like a large underwater aquarium.

After 48 minutes we reappeared. A incredible dive!

The dive spot Les 3 Pitons

Since the second dive was not supposed to start until 2.30 p.m., we still had some time and laid down a little on the beach in front of the diving school and basked. The second dive was then also three at the diving spot “The Spring”. The trip went along the west coast of Tahiti.

The Spring: The site is named after a spring of fresh water emerging from the depths of the ocean. The source emerges from 15 – 20 feet below the surface. It is easily visible through the column of bubbles of water that escapes. Beyond the source, you can go down to 70 feet. It is quite possible to encounter sharks or at night Humphead Maori wrasses. From both sides of the spring range are beautiful valleys that are parallel to the coast. These valleys are rich in marine life. Many turtles come and play with the diversOcean dive/15mn boat ride — Mooring depth: 50 feet — Maximum depth: 100 feet

Here again we were able to experience a great underwater world: whitetip reef sharks sleeping on the ground and in caves, several turtles, pusher fish, clownfish and much more…

These were our most spectacular dives to date – from the supervision of our diving instructor, the weather, the dive boat to the dive itself: to experience so many sharks so close is insanely impressive! Of course, we also take a critical look at feeding the sharks. Although the sharks sid in their natural habitat, the feeding changes the natural behavior of the sharks. You can also read a contribution here.

A video of our 2 dives on Tahiti

You can see a cut of our two really great dives on Tahiti here:

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