Bora Bora – The Hotel Sofitel Private Island (French Polynesia)

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We didn’t find a good and affordable hotel on Bora Bora that easy. Private accommodation and offers (such as via AirBnB) were not so many at that time. In addition, we wanted to treat Bora Bora something nice – and so we booked 5 nights at Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island in an Island Luxury Lodge and were lucky that we were able to move into our bungalow right away.


The Days
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Our arrival at the hotel

At the airport in Bora Bora we were greeted by a Sofitel employee with a flower chain and then taken to the in-house shuttle boat. The shuttle boat rideed through the lagoon, past the mountains of the main island. After mooring the transfer boat we were greeted with a coconut drink and music 🙂

Das Resort Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island

The resort is located on the southern tip of Bora Bora on a private island between the outer ring (Moto) and the mainland.

Our room of category: Island Luxury Lodge

We had booked 5 nights in an Island Luxury Lodge and were lucky that we could move into our bungalow right away.

Upgrade to an Overwater Bungalow

After 2 nights in our Island Bungalow we complained at the reception because we were not satisfied with some things in our room (very loud air conditioning, leak in the roof, etc.). These were things that were nuptited by a Sofitel luxury resort, nor matched the price we paid for it. Of course, our expectations were correspondingly high. After our complaint we got a free upgrade to an Overwater bungalow.

The Resort & the Island

The private island is not big, but offers beautiful beaches and great opportunities for snorkeling. From a higher viewpoint “Mont Chauve” one had a great view of the surrounding lagoon.

The pool of Sofitel Marara Beach

As on Moorea, we spent our days on Bora Bora snorkelling, relaxing and diving. Sofitel Private Island does not have a private pool, but you can take a free boat shuttle to the sister hotel Sofitel Marara Beach opposite and use all the facilities there free of charge. Here we also had dinner.

Snorkeling in the South Seas paradise

For us, there was another reason why we chose the Hotel Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island. Directly on the hotel island you will find one of the best snorkeling spots in the whole of Bora Bora. Many other hotels offer free snorkeling trips right here every day – we had the “aquarium” almost right in front of the bungalow. The water in the lagoon is absolutely crystal clear and you really have the opportunity to look at many fish quite relaxed. Some of them swim around you in dozens. We could see many Picasso pusher fish, which are already one of our favorite fish because of their great appearance. There were also stone fish, flute fish, trumpet fish, puffer fish, suitcase fish, sea urchins, banded sea needles, butterfly fish, insanely many shells in different colors and much more. And every day also small baby sharks swim on us in the area of the boat steeges. But they are so shy that it is almost impossible to take pictures of it 🙂

Our video of snorkelling in Bora Bora

Here is a video of snorkelling in Bora Bora:

Our final hotel review

The days on Bora Bora were really very nice and completely relaxed and for the birthday there was also a little attention from the hotel. Originally we had booked an Island Luxury Bungalow, but unfortunately it had some flaws (very loud air conditioning, leak in the roof etc.). After a complaint we got a free upgrade to an overwater bungalow – that was wonderful.

Below is a small plus/minus listing for a better overview:

– very nice staff
– friendly reception at the airport & transfer worked without any problems
– free shuttle boat from 5 am to 11 pm to the Sofitel sister hotel, which is located on the main island (supermarket is only 5 min walk away)
– The Sofitel sister hotel’s pool and gym can be used free of charge
– super breakfast buffet every day from 6.30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
– The snorkeling spot of Bora Bora is right next to the Private Island, you can easily snorkel from the resort.
– Kayaks and fins can be rented for free, snorkel & mask are already in the room
– Complimentary minibar in the room, replenished daily (4x water, 4x soft drinks, 2x juice, 2x beer)
– Walkable viewpoint with great views of the resort and the lagoon
– Games and books for rent at the reception
– Great free toiletries in the bathroom

– no requirements on the deckchairs (on request we were informed that there are no more … for a luxury hotel, it just can’t be done)
– you can see cables and hoses on the site at one point or another that you could bury

All in all a very nice resort on a private little South Sea island ❤

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