Iguazu Falls – A helicopter tour over the waterfalls (Brazil)

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After we had explored the Iguazu waterfalls on the Brazilian side on foot this morning, we wanted to see this natural wonder again with a helicopter tour from a bird’s eye view 🙂



Our helicopter tour over the Iguazu waterfalls

Last year we had already visited Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/Zambia in Africa and had made a helicopter round trip here. Since we liked this very much and you get such a great panoramic view over the whole area, we wanted to experience this here. Shortly before the entrance of the national park you will also find a helipad of the agency Helisul.

When we entered the office and paid for the flight, it was immediately said that in 5 minutes departure is. It was really very spontaneous, but it was great because we didn’t have a wait. We went into the helicopter and off into the air. First we flew along the Rio Iguacu.

And then we got closer and closer to the waterfalls.

In total we flew several laps over the Iguacu waterfalls before we went back to the helipad. From above, one becomes fully aware of the extent and size of the cases. The Iguazu waterfalls look fantastic from above and we did not regret the flight.

A video of the Iguazu waterfalls

The cases are really incredibly beautiful and impressive. Here is a short video of the waterfalls.

YouTube video

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