Yasawa Islands – Diving with Vertical Blue Diving (Fiji)

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Of course, we also wanted to take the opportunity to get to know the underwater world of Fiji and the Yasawa Islands. Therefore we had booked 3 dives on site, which we divided into 2 days.


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The Diving School Vertical Blue Diving

As our resort does not currently offer any dives, we were picked up by boat from the neighbouring Blue Lagoon Beach Resort and taken to their PADI dive center of Vertical Blue Diving. Almost all the diving spots of the Yasawa Islands are located here near the resort, so that you usually only travel 10-15 minutes by boat. After we had searched our equipment, we set off with a diving instructor.

The diving spot “Tom’s Thumb”

Today’s diving spot was “Tom’s Thumb”, a rock pinnacle (“Pinnacle”) in the ocean. When we went down, we already saw the magnificent colors of the corals on the surface of the rock needle. It looked really great. There were other great colored corals and many fish in the upper part – albeit only small ones. The lower part of the rock pin had partially died and had not so beautiful corals. After 45 minutes we went back to the surface and back to our resort.

The diving spot “Crazy Maze”

The next day we were picked up at 8.30 a.m. for our diving trip. Our first dive spot today was called “Crazy Maze” and was a 10 minute drive from the resort. With us there were 5 other divers, among them 2 Swiss. At the briefing, our instructor told us that this is more of a “fun dive” and that we will dive through canals, gorges and caves. We haven’t done that yet, so we were curious. We used to think that you need a special diving license (just like for wreck diving), but no one seems to take that seriously here. It was very exciting and new for us to dive through the gorges and small tunnels. In some places you had to be careful that you don’t get anywhere. It was a great exercise to see if you can cope with your balance (which you get through the right inhalation and exhalation).

The diving spot “Chapel”

After a surface time of about 45 minutes, we drove to the next diving spot “Chapel”. This diving spot is known for the fact that you can see several sharks here. And shortly after we had gone down to 20 meters, a blacktip reef shark and a much larger bull shark appeared and moved comfortably along the reef. That was impressive. Unfortunately, the sharks are gone as quickly as they appeared. Therefore, it is not really easy to take engaging pictures or videos of it. In addition to small fish, we saw three reef sharks a little later, including a whitetip reef shark.

Video of our dives in Fiji

Overall, we liked the 3 dives on the Yasaw Islands very much, because they were all different in their kind. Here is a short video of our dives with Vertical Blue Diving near the Yasawa Islands.

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