Flores – Diving on the house reef of Angel Island Resort (Indonesia)

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For our stay at the Angel Island Eco Resort on the island Flores we had already decided in advance for a diving package, which means that we will have four diving days with 2 dives each. The advantage of the package is the slightly cheaper price, an included night dive and unlimited diving on the house reef without A Divemaster.


Diving Center on Flores Island

The small diving center Reefseekers Dive Center on Angel Island (Flores) is part of the resort and so only resort guests dive with the diving center. The two Divemasters Luke and Caitlin take care of the divers and are also present for every diving trip. On land, both of us were told that we should definitely take our passports on the submersible, as the Indonesian immigration authorities often drive control boats through the national park and then, upon request, show the passports. Luke told us that he had forgotten his passport once and then was stuck with the immigration department for two days – of course we didn’t want to risk that. In total we have made 15 dives here during this holiday: 7 on the house reef of the Angel Island Resort and 8 by boat.

Diving around Flores Island

Since we were usually back in our resort from these dives around 2 or 3 p.m., we still had enough time to dive a little on the house reef. Here you can simply grab your diving equipment in the diving school, walk the short way to the beach and run into the water there.

The house reef around Angel Island is a shallow sloping coral reef that ends at a depth of about 15 meters in a sandy bottom. In total we have completed 7 dives on the house reef – without a guide – and saw all sorts of things again: turtle, nudibranch, firefish, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, clownfish, sea cucumbers, pusher fish, blue-point stingrays, groupers, trumpet fish, cow fish, bat fish, moray eels and much more…

Finally, we can say that we have so far enjoyed diving in Komodo National Park best of all the diving spots we have seen worldwide. Here the water was crystal clear every time, the corals very colorful and diverse and there is an incredibly species-rich fish world. This is certainly not the last time we have been here to dive 🙂