Cancun – Wreck Diving in the Caribbean with Aquaworld (Mexico)

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Since this had not worked with the diving in Belize due to health reasons, we wanted to do 2 more dives in Cancun. Our NYX Hotel Cancun recommended the diving center Marina Aquaworld, which had 2 dive sites to allocate for the next trip.


Wreck diving with Aquaworld in Cancun

At half past eight the next morning was the meeting point at the diving center. After we got our equipment, we went out to sea by boat. We were a total of 12 divers and 4 instructors. The group was divided, so we were in a group of 6 with two diving instructors – a great group size.

The dive spot “Wreck C-58 General Anaya”

The first dive spot was the wreck C-58 General Anaya, which was a minesweeper of the U.S. Navy during World War II. It was later handed over to the Mexican navy, who sunk the ship in the 1980s to create an artificial reef. Our instructor warned us at the briefing that this would be a not so easy dive, as three special features would come together here: deep diving, wreck diving and current diving. We were very excited about what to expect in the depths.

So diving equipment on and in the water. We went down to 24 meters and then the wreck was already in two parts in front of us. Lots of eagle rays and other fish have swam around the wreck – a great sight. The water was crystal clear and we had a view of 20 to 25 meters. What was supercool: we were even allowed to dive into the wreck and through the corridors – we hadn’t done that before. We didn’t notice the current at the wreck. It was a nice and relaxed dive, which we liked very much.

The diving spot “Grampin Reef”

The second dive was then at a depth of 15 meters at the Grampin Reef, where you can find mainly some fan corals. Eagle rays, stingrays and lots of other fish were also to be seen here and here the current was really noticeable.

Our video of the wreck diving in Cancun

Here is our dive video:

Around noon we were back in the hotel, strengthened ourselves with a lunch snack and then relaxed by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

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