Moselle – The viewpoints Bremm, Kröv & Pünderich (Germany)

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Stunning views of the Moselle Valley and over countless vineyards are automatically included in a Moselle holiday. And the Moselle really has a few to offer on its 544 km flow route. We introduce you to three of them in this article.


Things to know about the Moselle

The Moselle rises in the Vosges of France (link in Google Maps) and makes its way through Luxembourg to Koblenz, where it flows into the Rhine at the German Corner. Over a distance of 544 km, it crosses three countries, 28 dams, magnificent landscapes, numerous Moselle villages, steeply towering vineyards and hilly landscapes. With the Moselweinstraße, the Moselle Cycle Path, the Moselhöhenweg and the Moselsteig, the Moselle offers its visitors plenty of leisure opportunities. In addition, a number of remarkable castles and ruins tower over the Moselle valley, and a tour by boat is also worthwhile. And the connoisseurs are also not neglected, because the Moselle also has a lot to offer with its wines and ostrich farms.

Whether a weekend getaway or a summer holiday: the Moselle is a region where you can spend an unforgettable time due to the wide range of leisure opportunities.

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The course of the Moselle through France, Luxembourg and Germany

Viewpoint on the Moselle Loop near Kröv

Above the wine and holiday resort of Kröv, directly on the road, is the mountain chapel of Kröv from 1882. In the small parking lot next door we parked our car, looked at the church from the inside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and panorama just above the church on a park bench.

Our drive then continued to the holiday park Mont Royal of the Landal GreenParks, because from here you have a beautiful view of the Kröver Moselle Loop. Simply park the car at the holiday park, walk a few meters down the road towards the Moselle and enjoy the fantastic view of the Moselle Valley on the park bench 😊

Viewpoint on the Moselle from the Prinzenkopfturm near Pünderich

On the opposite side of the Moselle of the village of Pünderich there is a very special viewpoint, because from the 27-metre-high Prinzenkopfturm you have a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. Here, the Petersberg forms together with the Zeller Hamm a peninsula, which is surrounded by a 14 km long Moselle loop, so that one has the Moselle in view several times. To get to the lookout tower, take the Double-decker Bridge Alf-Bullay on the left and follow the road for about 1.6 km before turning right onto Barlstraße. After another 300 m follow the signs to the Marienburg, turn right and drive to the parking lot on the right (link in Google Maps). This is where the small hike to the Prinzenkopfturm begins, which is about 1.2 km from the car park.

On the way you pass the monastery Marienburg, a former Augustinian choir women’s monastery from the 12th century, in which today there is a youth education center of the diocese of Trier. From the path you also have a very good view of the Pünderichhanger Hangviaduct, built in 1880, which is located opposite the eponymous place. With its length of 786 m and its 92 arches, it is the longest slope viaduct in Germany.

After about 20 minutes of hiking we stood in front of the 27 m high Prinzenkopfturm and walked up the 113 steps, where a viewing platform awaited us. And from here you really had a magnificent view of the Moselle with its loop from Pünderich via Zell to Bullay as well as the surrounding vineyards, forests and hills. We stood on the platform for quite a while and enjoyed the view before we went back to the car.

The Moselle Loop at Bremm

One of the most famous viewpoints is the Moselle Loop at Bremmer Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe. Of course, we didn’t want to miss this view 🙂

First we made a short hike to the summit cross of the Calmont. To get to the starting point of the hiking trail, we drove behind Bremm up the L106 up the mountain. At the top of the plateau we are turned right on a gravel path in the direction of “Roman Temple Complex” and have driven it a little further until the sign “Wanderparkplatz for visitors Calmont-Gipfelkreuz and Roman Temple complex” (link in Google Maps). From here you can walk to the summit cross within 15 to 20 minutes. We have to admit that we were a little disappointed when we got there. Because actually we expected to see the complete Moselle loop from here. Unfortunately, this was not the case, because the view was disturbed by some trees. Nevertheless, we were rewarded with a fantastic panorama of the surroundings.

Our next stop was the parking lot at St. Lawrence’s Church in Bremm. From here you walk only a few meters to the official lookout point for the Moselle Loop. But somehow we weren’t quite satisfied with this view 😉 So we walked up a few steps of the Calmont climbing path and through some vineyards until we found a nice place from which we had a fantastic view of the Moselle loop.

Surely there are other beautiful viewpoints further up in the wine slope. But the hiking trail or trampoline path – the further you go up the vineyard – becomes steeper, more unpaved and slippery. It’s probably easier to walk down the path from the summit.

By the way, at the foot of the Calmont on the opposite side of the Moselle with the monastery Stuben is the ruins of a collegiate church. The highlight here is a small natural beach, which offers a great bathing fun in the refreshing water of the Moselle and is the perfect reward after a hike.

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The beautiful Moselle loop near Bremm