Praslin – Top 5 most beautiful beaches on the island (Seychelles)

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The beaches of the Seychelles are certainly among the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the turquoise blue water, powdery sand and the fascinating granite rocks. What we particularly liked about the Seychelles is the fact that all the beaches here are public, i.e. even if the beaches are located on the grounds of hotels, you can enter them (partly with prior permission). On the island of Praslin there are numerous beaches, some of which we have visited.


A map of the most famous beaches & attractions on Praslin

On the following Google MyMaps map we have mapped the most famous beaches & sights that we have looked at on our round trip over the island of Praslin. Another very good and detailed overview of the beaches can be found on the page of SeyVillas.

The Anse Volbert & the Cote d’Or Beach

The Anse Volbert merges seamlessly into the Cote d’Or Beach, which together are among the longest beaches in the Seychelles. On the long coast there are many guesthouses and accommodations, such as our Hotel Acajou Beach Resort, as well as some restaurants and cafes.

The beach is shallow, the sand is powdersugar white and the sea turquoise blue – a true dream beach. Unfortunately, there is a small catch: Due to the increasing tides, the water in weddings of the tide comes very far to the tree line, so that there is actually not much left of the beach. In addition, erosion is very strong in these times, so that the water is already gnawing at the demarcation walls. Unfortunately, we have observed this problem on almost all beaches in the Seychelles. In contrast, the beach at low tide is simply huge, because the water retreats very strongly.

Tip: In the northern part of the Anse Volbert there is a beautiful swing on the beach in front of the Café des Arts (see Google Maps), which is a great photo motif 🙂

The Anse Takamaka

The Anse Takamaka is the house beach of the Raffles Hotel in the north of Praslin – but it is not necessary to obtain a permit here before entering. The beach is quite small with a length of about 500 meters, but it was deserted when we were there in the afternoon. In front of the beach there are picturesque rock formations, which give a great photo motif.

The Anse La Farine

We visited Anse La Farine as part of our trip to Curieuse Island. With our boat we had stopped here in the afternoon for half an hour to relax a bit and start the great excursion with a Takamaka Rum. The approximately 800 meter long beach is very secluded in the east of Praslin directly at the former Hotel New Emerald Cove, which is now closed. From the beach you have a great view of the opposite island Round Island.

The Anse Lazio

The Anse Lazio is located in the north-west of Praslin and is very easily accessible by car. Just before you reach the beach, there is a small parking lot on the right. From there you can walk only about 2 to 3 minutes to the beach. The beach is about 600 meters long and was not so busy in the late afternoon. We spent the afternoon at the northern end of the beach, as here some beautiful granite rocks line the beach in front of picturesque palm trees. Of course, a refreshment in the cool wet could not be missing, because the water here is crystal clear and shimmers in the sun turquoise blue. The perfect place to end the day!

The Anse Georgette

In order to get to the Anse Georgette in the northwest of the island, you actually have to make a small effort. The reason for this is that the beach is located on the grounds of the Constance Lémuria Resort and you need a permit from the hotel if you want to enter the hotel grounds to visit the beach. This is usually not a problem, but you should contact the hotel a few days in advance to get a permit. There is no fixed number of external visitors to whom they grant access to the beach per day, but this varies – depending on their own capacity – from day to day. Meaning: If the hotel is almost fully booked, the possible number of external visitors decreases in order to “keep the beach free” for your own guests. Here you will find the contact possibilities. Alternatively, you can ask your own hotel on Praslin to contact Constance Lémuria for a reservation.

You leave your car at the gates of the hotel grounds, register with the security and then walk across the hotel grounds to the beach, which is located at the end of the huge golf course. You should be prepared for the fact that you are walking for about 30 minutes each way. But the way is worthwhile, because you are rewarded with a small dream beach: turquoise blue water, bright white sand and beautiful palm trees, surrounded by the typical Seychelles granite rocks.

Note: There is probably also a nearly 4 km long hiking trail from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette, for which you do not need a permit from the hotel. A description of the hiking trail can be found here.

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