Safari – A morning cruise in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

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Today we had a full day in the Serengeti and already at 6.30 a.m. we sat for a morning cruise in the jeep.



Our morning cruise in the Seronera area

The program included a morning cruise through the Seronera area. And especially in the morning, when the sun is not so hot, many animals are active and we could see really exciting and interesting things: numerous wildebeest and zebras, a fox but also a few hyenas with kittens.

Soon we came to a place where we saw a dead zebra lying yesterday. Today this place was full of hyenas. They have all taken their share of the prey – whether it’s a whole zebra leg or a piece of zebra skin. We felt this was a madly bold picture. When all the hyenas got a bit, the vultures threw themselves on the zebra remains and a jackal was added. What a spectacle.

In addition to some giraffes, we have seen countless wildebeest and zebras in the area again. In some cases, only a large dark mass has been seen. That was really impressive. A little later we could see some lions resting on rocks in the morning sun. If you look closely, you can see the unbelievable number of flies with which such a lion has to fight. Shortly before we went back to the camp, we saw a leopard on an acacia tree. He was far away and difficult to photograph, but with binoculars you could easily see him.

Our breakfast at Seronera Camp

In our camp we packed our belongings and stowed them in the jeep. On the grounds of the campsite right next to the tents there was a hill with a few cute dumps. And before we went north, we got a delicious breakfast or for this time almost a lunch.

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