Palau – Diving in the island paradise of Micronesia (Palau)

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In addition to the well-known dive sites in Palau such as the German Channel and the Blue Corner, we have also dived and explored other places with Fish ‘n Fins.


The Blue Holes in Palau

The Blue Holes are three vertically sloping tubes in a reefthat are right next to the Blue Corner. If you go down as a diver, you will come into a huge cave room at a depth of about 25 meters, which opens with a large ‘window’ to the outer reef. The sunlight shining from above, the deep blue water and the dark corners of the cave, from which a lonely barracuda protruded, had something special.

Leaving the cave via the ‘window’ – a large arch that marks the exit – you reach the Blue Corner via a steep reef wall, where you can drift beautifully along. Here you could also observe the wall from close up and see what is creeping and flaring in the holes and on the corals. For example, we have seen some reef sharks among us and next to us, turtles, moray eels, anemone fish (‘Nemos’), giant pusher fish and a Napoleon lipfish.

The dive site Ulong Sandbar

Our very first dive was at the Ulong Sandbar. The dive was very relaxed at a depth of less than 20 meters. There are many different coral species here, such as deer antler corals, elk antler corals or soft corals. In the hard corals you can often see many small, young fish. In addition, we have seen some anemone fish, pusher fish, tube eels and reef sharks. The highlight was a very hidden and perfectly camouflaged yellow leaffish.

The dive site Ulong Channel

Relax, look to the right and left, let it drift – definitely the motto of the Ulong Channel. The nature canal is reminiscent of a small highway where reef life pulsates on each side. Fish such as anemone fish, pusher fish and Napoleon lipfish and the corals pass you at a fast pace and sometimes you have no way to take photos, because the motif is already gone before you have pressed the trigger. To defy the current in the canal, we used a reef hook at a cleaning station to observe passing grey and reef sharks.

The Dive site Big Drop Off

The reef wall on one side, the breathtaking deep blue on the other – on the vertically sloping wall you can let yourself be relaxed as a diver and marvel at the beautiful underwater world. It is also worth to concentrate on a piece of the reef wall for a while and to see what you see. For example, at one corner there is a moray eels from the wall and on the other you see a nudibranch. A little further we met reef sharks and bat fish, many anemone fish as well as a very well camouflaged crocodile fish.

More dive sites in Palau

Other dive sites were the German Wall and Clarence Wall.

Video of our dives in Palau

In total we did 17 dives in Palau and experienced some special moments (such as the group sharks at the Blue Corner). That was very impressive! But there were also many dives, where we dived for 20 minutes on a beautiful wall and saw nothing except a few small fish. And we are not only concerned with large fish – we always pay close attention to the small sea creatures such as shrimps or snails. But neither we, our guides nor the other divers have often seen anything. We knew this very differently from our dives in Indonesia. You didn’t even know where to look first 🙂

Palau is also known for the mantas on the German Channel. But unfortunately we werenot lucky. Sure, something like that is nature and therefore unpredictable! But with 4 dives on the German Channel we had hoped to be lucky at least once – especially since April is supposedly the main season and the German Channel is considered the “hot spot” for mantas. Very bad. But what you see really often thanks to the protected area are sharks. Mainly whitetip sharks and grey sharks. The Blue Corner is certainly an exceptional diving spot, which is rightly considered one of the best dive sites in the world!

In our video we recorded our most beautiful underwater moments of our 17 dives on Palau:

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The islands of Palau, together with Blue Corner and the German Channel, are among the most beautiful and interesting dive sites in the world. And the fantastic pictures of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Rock Islands have certainly been seen by many on the Internet or in reports on TV. We spent a total of 12 days on Palau and got to know the island paradise both above and under water.

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