The Moselleregion – Excursion ideas for a family holiday (Germany)

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The Moselleregion is perfect for families with exciting activities for a weekend getaway together or the next holiday adventure. From old castles to medieval old towns, leisure and climbing parks, animal encounters of a special kind and boat trips to hiking and cycling trails – there is something for both the little ones and the big ones 🙂

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Cochem: Experience the Middle Ages up close & a cable car adventure

High above Cochem is the Reichsburg, which with its thousand-year history is the symbol of the city. The medieval castle, which was badly damaged over time, was lovingly restored and rebuilt in the 19th century. During a guided tour of the castle you can learn more about the history of the castle and take a look at the most beautiful rooms. For children, the ghost tour with robber’s dinner is an impressive experience, because this includes not only a child-friendly castle tour,but also the common food at the children’s knight board.

Afterwards we go back to the old town of Cochem, where you can discover the most beautiful places during a short walk. A few minutes walk from the city centre is the Cochemer Chairlift, which takes you relaxed to one of the most beautiful viewpoints over Cochem, the Pinnerkreuz. At the top you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of Cochem, the Moselle and the Reichsburg.

A small, about 20-minute hike leads from the mountain station of the chairlift directly to the game and amusement park Klotten, which offers a wide range of leisure activities and attractions for families.

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Suspension rope bridge Geierlay: you should be dizziness-free

From the visitor centre in the municipality of Mörsdorf, the suspension rope bridge can be reached in about 20 to 30 minutes on foot. Once here, there is pure adrenaline: with its 360 m length, the Geierlay suspension rope bridge is one of the longest suspension rope bridges in Germany. You should be dizzy when entering and crossing the bridge – but a lot of fun is guaranteed!

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Fantastic Moselleview followed by bathing fun

Stunning views of the Moselle Valley and over countless vineyards are automatically included in a Moselle holiday. And the Moselle really has a few to offer on its 544 km flow route. One of the most famous viewpoints is the Moselle Loop at Bremmer Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe. The summit cross can be reached via a moderate hike from a nearby hiking car park. You will be rewarded with a fantastic panorama, which you can enjoy together with a picnic you have brought with you.

At the foot of the Calmont, on the opposite Moselleside with the monastery of Stuben, is the ruins of a collegiate church. The highlight here is a small natural beach, which offers a great bathing fun in the refreshing water of the Moselle and is the perfect reward after a hike.

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Alpaca trekking: hiking in animal company

Woolly fur, big brown cuddly eyes and a friendly look: It doesn’t take a minute to close the eight alpacas of the Abayomi farm in Lieser into your heart. Going for alpacas is a very special adventure that can be experienced here in the Moselleregion.

At the beginning, humans and animals first get to know each other at a distance in order to be able to sniff themselves in peace. After getting a lot of interesting information about the individual alpacas, the herd and their attitude, you can start. During the 2.5 km long walk you walk side by side with the cuddly animals, watch them eat and can see them up close. Back in the pasture there is still enough time to ask questions, observe the alpacas and take beautiful souvenir photos. A lasting experience for young and old!

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Bernkastel-Kues: Eat ice cream, castle adventures and boat ingesrant

It is worth visiting Bernkastel-Kues, because there are romantic alleys, rustic half-timbered houses, cosy wine bars, an old castle ruin as well as countless restaurants and cafés. The highlight of the old town is the medieval market square with its gabled half-timbered houses from the 17th century and the Michaelsbrunnen. In order to enjoy the atmosphere on the market place a little longer, it is best to taste a delicious ice cream or a coffee and watch the hustle and bustle on the market place.

After a little refreshment, it goes high over the city: A leisurely hike for the whole family leads through the Kueser Wald to the impressive castle Landshut. After a short tour of the castle, the hike continues to the beautiful Tiefenbach waterfall, which falls on a small rock face. From here you walk back to the city.

A perfect end to the day is a boat tour on the Moselle, which is offered several times a day by the numerous jetties of the city. From the ship you can experience the many vineyards and charming towns on the banks of the Mosellefrom a completely different perspective.

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The Moselleregion: Perfect for a family holiday

Whether a weekend getaway or a two-week summer holiday, the Moselleregion is a region where families can spend an unforgettable time together thanks to their varied leisure opportunities and numerous family-friendly accommodations.

A map of the sights on the Moselleregion

On the following Google MyMaps map we have mapped the most important sights in the Moselleregion.