The Great Ocean Road – 12 Apostles, Parrots & Koalas (Australia)

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Today was all about the Great Ocean Road – one of the most famous and beautiful roads in Australia. But even before our alarm clock rang today, we heard the rain splashing outside. Unfortunately not good conditions to drive along the coastal road.


The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a 243-kilometre scenic route on Australia’s south coast between Torquay and Allansford. It is one of the most popular destinations in the whole country and one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Every year, up to 8 million visitors visit this beautiful coastal road. Because of its historical and cultural importance, it is also listed as a national monument on the Australian National Heritage List. In 2004, the Great Ocean Walk was opened, a 104 km long walk along the coastline near the Great Ocean Road from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles.

You can download a good overview map here.

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A map of the Great Ocean Road in Australia

The Bay of Islands

We drove the Great Ocean Road from the west towards Melbourne. Our first stop on the route was the Bay of Islands, a bay made up of many solitary rocks. From the viewpoint you had a great view of the bay – with now also slightly better weather.

The Grotto

Our next stop was at The Grotto. Through the rock breakthrough you have a view of the water basin behind it, which gives a nice contrast to the roaring waves coming in.

Die London Bridge

The London Arch is a natural rock arch. Until 1990, it was a double arch with a connection to the mainland. However, it collapsed in January 1990.

More photo spots on the Great Ocean Road

In the further course of the Great Ocean Road there are always interesting viewpoints and photo spots.

The 12 Apostles

For many, the 12 Apostles are the highlight on the Great Ocean Road. This can also be seen in the specially built information centre and the huge parking lot. If you go to the observation decks, you will see limestone rocks up to 45 meters high, standing in the sea. But not 12 pieces. Currently there are only eight rocks left, but even when it was named in the 1950s, there were only nine rocks.

Koalas in Great Otway National Park

In the run-up to our trip we had researched where in Australia you can see koalas in the wild. And on the Great Ocean Road we found 2 special places here. On the one hand, there is a junction (see Google Maps) to the “Cape Otway Lightstation” in the middle of the Great Ocean Road. About halfway to the coast, you have the opportunity to discover koalas in the eucalyptus trees on the right and left of the road in Great Otway National Park.

We just kept to a small indentation and looked out a little in the eucalyptus trees above us. And indeed, we were able to find several koalas 🙂 In a tree above our car, a koala mom slept with her baby in her arm. Some of the koalas can also be found at the top of the tree tops. A little further in the forest, however, a small young koala hung just 2 meters above us and munched his eucalyptus blower

Koala, Tree, Great Ocen Road, Australia, On Your Own, Travelreport

A koala on the Great Ocean Road

The Cape Patton

Afterwards we drove further along the coast, to the next viewpoint at Cape Patton. But unfortunately there wasn’t so much to see here.

The koalas in Kennett River

Another place on the Great Ocean Road to see koalas in the wild is the small town of Kennett River. When you get there, you just have to drive in at the green sign and then turn left again into Grey River Road. From here you can already see the typical eucalyptus trees everywhere and we didn’t have to look long, and after only a few meters found the first koala sitting comfortably in a tree. The path then leads you further and further into the forest and we have seen several other koalas here – eucalyptus mamping or just sleeping. That was really great.

Kenneth Cole, Koala, Great Ocean Road, Australia, TravelReport

A koala near the town of Kenneth Cole

The Parrots in Kennett River

But Kennett River has something else to offer. Directly where you turn into the Grey River Road, you will find on the right several trees with wild parrots. These are fed by people every day and therefore they are very trusting. Some food on the hand and they arrive.

A video of the wild koalas

Here is a short video of the koalas in the south of Australia.

Since it started to rain again and we still had a long way to go, we got back in the car and went through the rest of the way to Melbourne.

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